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Photo by Don Byram

Tracie has multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects the brain and nerves. For her, it makes walking painful, so she uses a wheelchair to get around day-to-day.

But she also uses it to hit skateparks, skate bowls and pull off tricks.

She was introduced to wheelchair skating while volunteering at…

“I don’t like to talk about myself a lot,” 22-year-old Arianna Carmona says. “I’m not just going to walk around and be like ‘I’m on the national team, I’m an Olympic hopeful, blah blah blah’.”

Arianna is a pro skater from California with a host of sponsors, including Vans and…

Photo by Ian Logan

In the 1980s, pro skater Cindy Whitehead sat down with freestyler Michelle Kolar on television and asked: “Do they give you a lot of recognition for being a woman and being good?”

“Not at all,” Michelle responded.

Cindy now spends a significant portion of her time trying to change that…

Photo by Sierra Prescott, used with permission

If you follow the female skateboarding scene on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Sierra Prescott winding her way down a long stretch of smooth Los Angeles blacktop. Or doing a boneless.

Dressed head to toe in 70s-inspired fashion, her social media feeds are a jumble of sunshine, colour and a radiating…

So, like every self-respecting skateboarder, you want to learn how to ollie? If you’ve looked online already, you’ll have found that most tutorials aren’t very helpful, so let us try to do better. Firstly, here are the basic moves to practice.

STEP 1 — Step onto your board

You want your front foot to be in between…

“I thought I’d have to keep this a secret until the day I died,” said Kayleigh. She’s a transgender woman.

Religious beliefs were inked into her childhood, as she grappled with her own identity. Skateboarding felt like something different.

“I loved everything about it,” she said. …

We’re built on representation. Despite female skaters making up a healthy portion of the community, they can’t look in Thrasher and see themselves.

TAIL Magazine is designed to change that.

We focus almost entirely on female skaters, giving them a platform of their own to enjoy, learn from and share. Your next role model might be in our next article.

It’s good to have you on board!

The skate community is more diverse than ever, slowly breaking down the stereotypes of what a skater looks like or who they are.

Fae and Felix are friends who both love skating.

“I’ve seen a lot more on social media that female and LGBTQ+ skating has risen over this past…

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TAIL is the next generation of skate mag, putting the focus on women of all ages.

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